miercuri, 30 septembrie 2015

Security in the European Union’s Neighborhood: a view from Moldova

Moldova is one of the neighbouring countries of EU witch still, after 24 years of independence, faces difficult problems linked with assurance of its security. Among a few causes of a bad state of national security are: the lack of a strategic vision on security issues, a bad connection of the security policymakers and theoretical researches, which can provide contemporary approaches to the main security issues. At this time the governing Pro-European Alliance of Moldova is elaborating a new Security Concept, which should determine, afterwards, a new Security Policy and a new Security Strategy.  
In terms of security problems and challenges, the new regional context relives two main threats. The hostilities in the Eastern Ukraine show that the project of Novorossia, which means the junction between Donetsk separatist region and Transnistrian separatist region, is still a possibility. The second threat comes from the Middle East, where “the Islamic State” generates a lot of instability (Moldova was included into “the Islamic State”, on the map published by the terrorist organisation, due to the fact that in the past Moldova was under the domination of the Ottoman Empire).

In the new conditions, as the security threats are almost the same for the three East European countries associated to the European Union (Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova), it is appropriate to elaborate a common Security concept (vision) for them, also to integrate the security approaches from the named three countries into the European Security and Defence Policy. This requires deep reforms into their security sectors.    

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