joi, 5 martie 2015

Societal Security of Republic of Moldova within the context of European Integration

The object of reference, to be secure in the sector of societal security, is the society – the bearer of an identity. Societal identity refers to a community of people who identify with certain values, so who have an identity.
Moldova, located on the border of the European Union, is a special case in terms of societal security sector. Since independence to present, the Moldovan authorities failed strengthening the civic Moldovan nation, which must include all citizens, regardless of ethnicity. The degree of integration of ethnic minorities in the culture of the majority population is low, so many representatives of minorities does not identify as Moldovans, for them prevails the ethnic identity of minority they belong to.   
At the same time, there is a dispute between representatives of the two currents among the majority population: people who identify as Romanians and those who identify as Moldovans. This ideological rift weakens the Moldovan state because there is no cohesion at the societal level even between representatives of the same ethnic majority group.  
Another aspect of the problem concerns the Moldovan communities beyond the Moldova borders. There are settlements that identify as Moldovans whose ancestors were moved in Tsarist period from Bessarabia in places where descendants leave now (Ukraine, Russia). These communities identify themselves as Moldovans. Unfortunately, the Moldovan authorities are not concerned with preserving their identity – don’t have policies in this regard. 
Meanwhile, after the signing in 2014 by the government of Moldova of the Association Agreement with the European Union, it must develop and implement a strategy for promoting European identity. However, Moldovan society is divided in terms of vector of integration. A successful European integration is possible in conditions of the most Moldovans adherence to European values and European civilization. Ensuring societal security in the context of European integration is to obtain the support of majority of Moldovan society – Moldovan citizens, regardless of ethnicity, to European values. This is possible through the promotion of the European identity superimposed on Moldovan civic identity.  
Ensuring societal security involves strengthening Moldovan society based on civic identity. In this respect, it is necessary to develop a cultural policy to promote common values, which all the ethnic inhabiting groups will identify with.
One effective means of ensuring the societal security of RM is cultural diplomacy. The Moldovan authorities must help to preserve the identity of Moldovan communities abroad. This requires the development and implementation of a cultural policy whose object of reference will be the Moldovan communities outside. By supporting schools, churches, folk festivals the securitization of those communities is possible.
Romania has a cultural policy towards the Romanian communities abroad, promoted through the network of Romanian cultural institutes and by the Department for Romanians Abroad. The cultural network of natural links between communities who share the Moldovan regional identity, on both banks of the Prut River, can be successfully used to promote European values and identity. Communities from Romanian region Moldova, promoted through cultural diplomacy, may constitute poles of attraction for communities from Republic of Moldova.                

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